Alberta Dreams


Fulfilling of a dream helps a sick child be a child again, and give them strength and hope to keep fighting. Look at the dreams currently waiting to be fulfilled and see the magical children behind them!

Water Park

Dream #1181

Born at just 25 weeks gestation this energetic and fun loving 4 year old spent the first 82 days of his life in hospital, as

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GRIT Freedom Chair Junior.

Dream #1180

This happy-go-lucky young boy was only 6 months old when his parents noticed there was something wrong with his vision. Diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia, he

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Children playground

Dream #1179

This 4 year old girl was diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease type IX at just 2 years of age. She suffers from bouts of ketotic

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Computer desk with gaming chair and computer,

Dream #1178

Like his sister, this bold and creative boy was also diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease type IX at just 2 years of age, also requiring

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Harry Potter World

Dream #1177

This passionate and articulate 11 year-old girl’s symptoms began back in 2017 and it took over a year of numerous hospital and doctors visits, tests,

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Dream #1176

Born at only 27 weeks gestation this little girl spent her first several months of life in the NICU. Due to her extreme prematurity she

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tow behind trailer

Dream #1175

This very energetic and cool 4 year old was born 2 months premature with hydrocephalus and had to have a shunt surgically implanted to relieve

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Odyssey Adaptive Bike.

Dream #1174

At 9 years of age this very social little girl lives with her parents and 2 siblings where she loves to go out for walks,

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Dream #1173

Born with a rare genetic disorder, Congenital Afibrinogenemia, that can cause severe hemorrhaging due to a lack of coagulation product in the blood. This 6-year-old

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USPSA Power Soccer Camp

Dream #1172

At the age of 16 this inspirational girl was born with cerebral palsy, is legally blind and deaf, and has a paralyzed vocal cord. She

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Green Bedroom

Dream #1171

Only nine-years-old, this little girl has spent far too much time in hospital. Born with intestinal dysmotility, she has undergone multiple surgeries and has missed

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Dream #1170

Born with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, this young teen girl suffers from chronic pain and chronic migraines and, like many people with her condition, she has

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