Alberta Dreams

Dream #1201

In May 2020 this boy was your average 9 year old who loved riding his bike and playing with his siblings until life changed unexpectedly when he suffered from a series of severe cerebellar strokes requiring 4 brain surgeries, a V-P shunt, and a feeding tube. He was unable to walk, talk, eat, or even sit up on his own. He spent over 2 months in the Stollery before being transferred to an extensive rehabilitation program at the Glenrose. 

Though this now 12 year old boy still has some residual disabilities from these strokes, after much hard work on his part, life is getting back to normal. Things are harder for him than they used to be, but he is back home, walking, talking, back in school, and enjoying life again. He is a passionate and expert car lover who also enjoys Lego, swimming, riding ATVs, and watching You Tube videos.

Alberta Dreams can’t wait for this extreme car enthusiast to take a family trip to Los Angeles, California to visit his extended family and the super cool Petersen Automotive Museum.