Alberta Dreams

Dream #1199

This now 5-year-old was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 2 years of age because of a brain malformation very early on in the pregnancy. Her medical care is a full-time job. She relies on a wheelchair for mobility, is nonverbal, and is tube fed. She has required numerous surgeries and is hospitalized and intubated frequently due to her severe seizures. She started kindergarten this year with her twin sister where she has lots of friends at school and in the community and likes to be around other kids. She loves swimming, takes adaptive swimming lessons at the community center near by, loves being outside, going for walks, going to the We rock the spectrum gym and especially loves her dog. Her amazing family makes every effort to include their special girl in all aspects of life, they do not want to limit her activities and want to ensure her sister has every opportunity available for her as well. They like to go to the Zoo, visit the Muttart Conservatory, the Jon Jenssen Center, Ft Edmonton Park and really enjoyed visiting the William Watson lodge in Kananaskis this past year.

Alberta Dreams is very excited for their next adventure on a family trip to Vancouver, BC where they will get to play in the ocean and go whale watching.