Alberta Dreams

Dream #1209

This outgoing and social 4 year old lights up the room everywhere she goes. She is confident, loves people, being the center of attention and is always the life of the party. She enjoys being outdoors and riding bikes. She likes music, loves to dance and is already learning to play the guitar.

This young girl’s medical condition came on suddenly and without warning when in late 2022 she developed a fever at daycare and stated having a seizure. Since then she has been diagnosed with front temporal lobe epilepsy and has been struggling to control her severe and frequent seizures. With numerous hospitalizations, tests, brain surgeries, including a partial lobectomy and the insertion and removal of a V-P shunt, she has remained funny, happy and amazingly brave – dancing her way through the halls of the Stollery.

Alberta Dreams cannot wait to make her dream come true of a family adventure to Disney World, Florida.