Alberta Dreams

Dream Referral Process

Dreams Referral Process

Step 1

Please complete and submit the Dreams Referral form. You may refer a child on a family’s behalf, provided the family is aware you’re doing so. You will receive an email confirmation within 3 days of submitting the referral.

Step 2

Alberta Dreams will contact the child’s family to confirm specific information relating to the child.  After speaking with the child’s parents or legal guardians, Alberta Dreams will complete our Determination of Eligibility procedures in consultation with the child’s primary care physician.

Step 3

If it is determined the child is eligible for a dream fulfilment, the Application procedures are fully explained to the child’s parents or legal guardians, and the child will be encouraged to begin thinking of three dream choices. In the event the child is unable to verbalize their own dreams, the parents or legal guardians will be asked to assist.

Step 4

Once the child (and/or family) has three dreams in mind, we will conduct the child’s formal Application interview. At that time, all necessary and supplemental information will be gathered to support the final application.

Step 5

The child’s completed Application will be reviewed by the Alberta Dreams’ Board of Directors who will select one of the shared dream choices as the dream to be fulfilled for the child. The approved dream choice is shared with the family and Alberta Dreams will work towards fulfilling the Dream.