Alberta Dreams

Giving the gift of hope by fulfilling dreams for children in Alberta diagnosed with severe chronic or life-threatening medical illness.

Alberta Dreams believes in the power of community.

All funds raised are used to fulfill dreams for children right here in Alberta. Along with children who have life-threatening conditions, we also fulfill dreams for children who have severe chronic medical illnesses. Children referred for a dream often must cope with illnesses that require multiple hospital stays, complex treatments in addition to the stress and fears that come with their reality. They have undergone medical procedures that would make most adults weary.

Realizing a dream can provide a much-needed break from the daily struggles of illness, medications, and treatments.  It can offer moments of joy and hope.  A break from the physical and emotional toll of being ill or missing out on their childhood.  Fulfillment of a dream can also provide an opportunity for the entire family a chance to come together to celebrate the child.  It can be a powerful catalyst, boosting the emotional and physical well-being of the child, giving them the strength and courage they need to keep fighting their illness.  The fulfillment of a dream creates an opportunity to create precious memories that will last a lifetime, and can be a source of inspiration knowing that their community is behind them supporting them as they navigate the challenges of their illness. 

Alberta Dreams believes every child facing severe chronic or life-threatening illness in Alberta deserves a chance to dream and experience the joy of seeing their dreams come true.  We work tirelessly to make that reality for as many children in Alberta as possible, bringing hope and happiness into the lives of those who need it most.  A Dream gives hope, it gives strength, it provides inspiration that each child is more than their diagnosis. 

In 2021, our administrative costs accounted for only 7% of our total expenses for the year.

Dreams Do Come True!

Oliver’s Dream

Oliver was born premature and relies on a shunt to manage his hydrocephalous. He loves super heroes, power rangers, and ninja turtles. He enjoys swimming,

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Ali’s Dream

This 17 year old, with aspirations of becoming a Psychologist who works with children with disabilities, will be heading into his final year of high

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Liam’s Dream

Liam’s Dream for a family trip to Disneyworld was a long time in the making. Originally approved in 2019, with travel booked for the spring

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Upcoming Dreams

Dream #1197

Always smiling and very happy, this teen was born with no complications but was rushed back within a few days of being born where she

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Dream #1196

Originally born in west Africa this young man’s family struggled to find the cause of their new baby’s constant crying and seemingly significant pain. It

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Computer desk with gaming chair and computer,

Dream #1195

As the second baby in a set of twins, this now 12 year old boy was born at just 908 grams, spent the first 126

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