Alberta Dreams

Our Role & Impact

About Alberta Dreams

Having a Dream fulfill can bring a welcome respite from the grind of hospital stays, doctor’s visits, medicines, tests, treatments, worries, and fears. It’s a break from the daily hardship of being ill – a break for the entire family.

For a child who is sick, having a dream come true can be the catalyst to help them feel better emotionally and physically, giving them increased strength and courage to battle their illness and the daily challenges it brings.

What makes us unique?

Alberta Dreams is the only dream-fulfilling organization in Alberta that is dedicated exclusively to children with severe chronic or life-threatening medical illness.  We are proud to provide a much-needed service to children and their families who are facing unimaginable challenges.  

At Alberta Dreams, we understand the impact that chronic illness can have on a child’s daily life.  We define chronic illness as a medical condition that significantly affects a child’s ability to carry out their daily activities.  This impact can result from various factors such as frequent hospital stays, use of oxygen and/or ventilator machines, high doses of medications, or the need for significant medical intervention.

Our inclusion of chronic illness in our mandate sets us apart from similar organizations in Canada. We are a crucial resource for chronically ill children who do not quality for a wish under other programs. Alberta Dreams believes that every child deserves a chance to experience the joy of having their dream come true and is an essential resource for chronically ill children in Alberta.