Alberta Dreams

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How do we make dreams happen?

Alberta Dreams is not government-funded at any level, so we rely solely on the generosity of others to help turn dreams into reality for the children in our program.

Our funds are raised through private and corporate donations. We host several fundraising events throughout the year, and are fortunate to receive donations from many third-party events, which are fundraisers hosted by other individuals or companies to raise funds to donate to our program.

All donations benefit children right here in Alberta.  We are a stand-alone organization, with no affiliation to any national or international organizations.  We do not pay any associated costs to any parent organization, and as such, are able to put all donations to use helping children right here in Alberta

How much of my donation goes directly to children?

100% of our receipted donations are used to operate Alberta Dreams and fulfill dreams for the children in our program.

Enhanced charitable tax credit

The Provincial Charitable Tax Credit on annual donations over $200 is now 21%. When added to the Federal Charitable Tax Credit of 29%, you receive a 50% non-refundable tax credit for every dollar donated over $200.

For more information on making donations to registered charities, visit the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) website.