Alberta Dreams


Fulfilling of a dream helps a sick child be a child again, and give them strength and hope to keep fighting. Look at the dreams currently waiting to be fulfilled and see the magical children behind them!

Shark cage dive at night

Dream #1187

With a huge milestone birthday coming up very soon, this teen will be making the transition from youth to adulthood early in 2023. Their symptoms

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iPad mounted on a wheelchair and a photo of a keyboard

Dream #1186

Soon to be 18, this young lady was diagnosed with Fox G1 and Rett Syndrome at a very young age. She suffers from seizure, visual,

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Katy Perry Concert

Dream #1185

Life changed for this 14-year-old and her family in April 2022 when she developed an ear infection which unexpectedly led to being airlifted to the

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birds eye view of a resort in Mexico

Dream #1184

This vibrant and happy young girl was born in 2014 and was your typical toddler when her family started noticing that she was failing to

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Sensory Bedroom with UV Blacklights

Dream #1183

On a trip back to Canada to visit his family at approximately 6 months of age, this Australian born, sweet and kind teenager developed hydrocephalus.

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Dream #1182

Before she was born the doctors told her parents she would never, walk, run or jump like other children but this very vibrant and confident

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Water Park

Dream #1181

Born at just 25 weeks gestation this energetic and fun loving 4 year old spent the first 82 days of his life in hospital, as

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GRIT Freedom Chair Junior.

Dream #1180

This happy-go-lucky young boy was only 6 months old when his parents noticed there was something wrong with his vision. Diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia, he

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Children playground

Dream #1179

This 4 year old girl was diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease type IX at just 2 years of age. She suffers from bouts of ketotic

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Computer desk with gaming chair and computer,

Dream #1178

Like his sister, this bold and creative boy was also diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease type IX at just 2 years of age, also requiring

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Harry Potter World

Dream #1177

This passionate and articulate 11 year-old girl’s symptoms began back in 2017 and it took over a year of numerous hospital and doctors visits, tests,

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Dream #1176

Born at only 27 weeks gestation this little girl spent her first several months of life in the NICU. Due to her extreme prematurity she

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tow behind trailer

Dream #1175

This very energetic and cool 4 year old was born 2 months premature with hydrocephalus and had to have a shunt surgically implanted to relieve

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Odyssey Adaptive Bike.

Dream #1174

At 9 years of age this very social little girl lives with her parents and 2 siblings where she loves to go out for walks,

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Dream #1173

Born with a rare genetic disorder, Congenital Afibrinogenemia, that can cause severe hemorrhaging due to a lack of coagulation product in the blood. This 6-year-old

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USPSA Power Soccer Camp

Dream #1172

At the age of 16 this inspirational girl was born with cerebral palsy, is legally blind and deaf, and has a paralyzed vocal cord. She

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Green Bedroom

Dream #1171

Only nine-years-old, this little girl has spent far too much time in hospital. Born with intestinal dysmotility, she has undergone multiple surgeries and has missed

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Dream #1170

Born with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, this young teen girl suffers from chronic pain and chronic migraines and, like many people with her condition, she has

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a gazebo

Dream #1169

This young man was born with CHARGE Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects many areas of his body. He has many challenges to his life,

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pink bedroom

Dream #1167

At 4-years-old, this bubbly and happy little girl has been fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia more than half her life. She’s now in remission and is

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Illustration of vintage caravan camping out.

Dream #1166

This upbeat and good natured little boy just celebrated his 4th birthday. Born with Cerebral Palsy and a chronic lung disease, he faces many challenges

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