Alberta Dreams

Dream #1210

This now 9 year old boy was born at 31 weeks because of concerns with intrauterine growth restriction during his mom’s pregnancy. In addition to being born prematurely he was diagnosed with multiple holes in his heart and clubbed feet, which have been surgically repaired, a chromosomal anomaly, global developmental delay and recurrent urinary tract issues leading to frequent treatments and hospitalizations. Still much smaller than other boys his age he does not allow that to slow him down.

He is very social and loves to be around people. He likes to go swimming and enjoys visiting the aquarium store, playing with electronics and anything with a small engine. He is learning to communicate with his AAC device and enjoys playing with Lego, trains and reading books or watching movies.

Alberta Dreams is excited to create a fun and sensory stimulating environment in their backyard where they can read, watch movies and play under the stars this summer.