Alberta Dreams

Dream #1208

In a small northern Alberta community, this teen is finally thriving with life on the farm. Diagnosed with Clathrin Light Factor Disorder I, gross motor, speech and cognitive delays this young man’s parents tried all of the early interventions available for many years to give him the best chance at a happy life, but in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, they decided to relocate to a farm to try a new approach. Since then he has began to flourish, he has made huge improvements in all areas. On the farm this teen loves to feed the cows, cutting down trees, fixing the fences with his dad, and riding the horses and the quad. In grade 6, he loves spending time with his grade 8 mentor, enjoys recess, workshop, and cooking classes where he learned to make a great grilled cheese sandwich. He loves the outdoors and enjoys fishing, swimming, water slides, and playing with his remote control construction equipment.

This teen’s horse, Old Guy, has recently had to retire from work on the farm so Alberta Dreams is excited to make his dream come true for a “New Old Guy” to bring him joy for many years to come.