Alberta Dreams

Dream #1193

Growing up, this 15 year old was your average athletic child, in her early teens she was heavily involved in sports of all kinds. She was a competitive gymnast, avid rock climber, took judo, played soccer and cricket, and was a competitive swimmer until she started experiencing random symptoms. After a long journey, with the constant support of her parents advocating on her behalf, she was finally diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2021. Now 15, finished grade 10, she is still quite fearful of getting hurt or injuring herself but she is getting her life back, relying on an electric wheelchair to help with her mobility, pain, and fatigue, she is finding new passions and loves drama and musical theater. She is funny, articulate, loves to talk, loves her dog Hobbs, and wants to get involved and give back anywhere she can. She is passionate about the ocean, aquariums, and loves to collect rocks and crystals. We cannot wait to help recreate her favorite vacation from when she was 6 years old with a trip for her and her family to Victoria, British Columbia.