Alberta Dreams

Dream #1189

Just finishing grade 11, at 17, this outgoing, personable, and funny young man lives his life to the fullest. After many challenges to correctly diagnose this child during his early years of development, back braces, surgeries, and much advocating by his family, he was finally diagnosed with a rare, very severe, and degenerative genetic disorder called Morquios Syndrome. Though he could at one point walk and even ride a bike, he is now wheelchair bound and requires a great deal of ongoing medical care and support. For many of us that may slow us down and be hard to cope with but this family of 5 with 3 boys takes life one day at a time and always tries to stay positive. This teen loves school, and hanging out with his many friends, his favorite teacher is his Phys Ed teacher. He likes football (not the American kind) and hockey; his favorite players are Messi, Zidane, and McDavid. This young man especially enjoys video games that allow him to escape some of his limitations of daily life. Alberta Dreams is super excited to help to create an Extreme Gaming Bedroom Make Over, complete with a hi-low fully adjustable bed, PS5, and all the cool tech to go along with.