Alberta Dreams

Dream #1191

This  affectionate 12 year old girl was diagnosed with refractory epilepsy and severe autism spectrum disorder. Her significant epilepsy disorder means that she experiences seizures daily, most days she will have between 5-13 seizures but during  illness, or other stressful times this number can exceed 30. Her seizures can be triggered by any number of things and sometimes by nothing at all, so they can be very hard to manage or avoid. 

She loves playing ‘Guess with Jess’ on the iPad and watching Disney movies in her room. She is a sensory seeker who enjoys strong smells and different textures, along with the feeling of motion. This young teen likes to be outside, and she enjoys spending time at the zoo and Heritage Park, and she loves the TELUS World of Science.

Her family relies heavily on her adapted stroller to provide safety and freedom to be able to take her out of the home and not need to worry if she experiences a seizure. Her current stroller is getting too small for her so we are more than thrilled to help make her dream for a new adapted stroller come true.