Alberta Dreams

Dream #1190

Moebius Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects the nerves in the face, for this 6 year old she she is her family’s little unicorn – rare, majestic, and wonderful but medically unique and they have not been able to really get a true understanding of all of her medical issues. This beautiful girl needs constant care for all things, she relies on a wheelchair, is non verbal, cannot eat or drink, has a g-tube, is severely developmentally delayed, her fine and gross motor function are limited, and she is hearing impaired.  She loves music and noisy toys with bright lights and contrasting colors. She enjoys bubbles and loves to be in the warm water swimming, and according to her brother her favorite colors are orange and yellow and she loves Disney movies.

Alberta Dreams is very excited for this wonderful family of 5 to enjoy trip specially planned just for this lovely girl in Disney World, Florida.