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Paige’s Dream

Paige's Playset

Paige was born with a rare genetic disorder, Congenital Afibrinogenemia, that can cause severe hemorrhaging due to a lack of coagulation product in the blood. At just 7 years old she receives twice weekly infusions of Fibrinogen through her surgically implanted port in her chest. She splits her time living with both her mom and her dad on separate weeks. Like lots of little girls her age, she enjoys coloring, watching movies, playing video games, Barbie dolls, Disney princesses (especially Ariel), playing on swings, swimming, singing, and playing her guitar, and going on adventure walks with her parents and two dogs. Paige was thrilled with her new backyard playcenter and princess party with Ariel, her siblings, and cousins to celebrate the setup and the “official opening” of her very own private playground.