Alberta Dreams

Madden’s Dream

Madden on his gaming computer setup

Madden is a super energetic 8 year old who loves to be transported to new places through video games. He was diagnosed with a genetic glycogen storage disease at the age of 2 and struggles to control his sugars and ketones frequently ending up with visits to the emergency department of the Alberta Children’s Hospital for IV fluids and medications to correct his levels. Madden enjoys tobogganing in the winter, skateboarding in the summer, playing outside, and running through the sprinkler when it is warm out. He loves to hide, snuggle, and to be in closed/tight places to feel safe and happy. Madden has a great imagination, he loves to create cool and different things out of Lego and to watch you tube videos of exciting online games. The Rainbow Society of Alberta was super excited to be able to help Madden explore great new worlds with a gaming PC of his very own with the help of the amazing staff at Memory Express Computers Calgary South East.