Alberta Dreams

Lola’s Dream

With twins born 7 years ago, both with Cerebral Palsy, this family of 5 spends a lot of time dealing with medical appointments, surgeries, and physical and occupational therapy. As the children grew, Lola’s condition was more severe than that of her brothers and left her dependent on a crocodile walker, wheelchair for longer distances, and dealing with epilepsy among other things. But none of that defines her. Lola is very active – loves gymnastics, swimming and school but above all else Lola loves Mario video games.

Alberta Dreams was amazed when we were able to help this family celebrate all 3 kids’ golden birthdays in California at Super Nintendo World. They loved visiting the Toad Cafe and getting to “be in a Mario Kart Game” on Browsers Challenge. In addition to Universal Studios, they visited Legoland where the rides are great for kids and “not scary”, and spent a ton of time at the spray park at their hotel. We are thrilled that Lola’s brother loved all the good food and that Mom and Dad got to live this vacation through the eyes of their children. We hope these memories will last a lifetime!