Alberta Dreams

Kade’s Dream

Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome results in frequent joint dislocation, sprains, other injuries, and leads to a life with acute and chronic pain. In addition Kade will live with deteriorating vision and hearing, migraines and mobility issues. Though their medical condition will impact Kade’s ability to work a regular fulltime job, Kade enjoys spending their time volunteering for causes that they are passionate about and supporting social justice causes and human rights organizations.

Kade loves the ocean and has always wanted to spend some time learning about sharks and other ocean critters. Alberta Dreams was thrilled to make their once in a life time dream come true with a family trip to Monterey California with a special visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where they got a behind the scenes tour of the large aquarium systems and a meet and greet with many of the ocean animals. In additional Kade and their family enjoyed whale watching, shopping at target and the cute little shops in the harbor, the great food and spending quality family time on the beach. A special Thank-You to 100+ Women Who Care – Sherwood Park for their generous support to make this dream come true.