Alberta Dreams

Dream #1198

This boisterous and chatty 3-year old’s medical issues began before he was born when they found out he would be born with his abdominal organs in a sack on the outside of his body and with Pentalogy of Cantrell. This little boy spent the first 9 months of his life in hospital, and had his first surgery was when he was just 14 days old when the had to put a tube in trachea to help him breath. Amazingly, at just over 2, he had his tracheostomy removed and is now able to breath from his mouth and nose normally. This wonderful boy will have many challenges through out his childhood and into adulthood, and though his journey is just beginning, meeting him you would never know it. He is  talkative and rambunctious, is very busy and always wants to be right in the mix. He likes to explore, ride his bike, walking on trails, playing soccer, swimming, and is passionate about trains of all kinds.

We cannot wait for this amazingly boy to meet his entire extended and to celebrate the huge milestone of having his breathing tube removed at an epic outdoor family party that Alberta Dreams will throw for them.