Alberta Dreams

Dream #1184

birds eye view of a resort in Mexico

This vibrant and happy young girl was born in 2014 and was your typical toddler when her family started noticing that she was failing to achieve some of her developmental milestones; in fact she was starting to regress and lose some of the skills she had already learned. These changes were just the beginning of this family’s long journey to a diagnosis of Rett Syndrome in 2017. Now 8 years old, she enjoys spending time with her family, and likes to be right in the middle of everything that is going on, she is very social.  She adores Paw Patrol, My Little Ponies, play dough, drawing, and all animals (but specifically dogs and horses). The family spends their time together camping, down hills skiing, and being outdoors together as often as possible in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. According to her older brother, this young girl especially loves to be in the water swimming – no matter how cold she gets. We cannot wait for this family of 4 to enjoy an all inclusive family trip to Mexico, to make new memories, play in the sand and warm water, and to go on some new adventures in a new place.