Alberta Dreams

Dream #1183

Sensory Bedroom with UV Blacklights
On a trip back to Canada to visit his family at approximately 6 months of age, this Australian born, sweet and kind teenager developed hydrocephalus. After numerous surgeries to insert and re-insert V-P shunts to relieve the pressure from his brain, this now 16 year old boy is non-verbal, suffers from an intellectual disability, as well as autism. Fortunately, this teen is able to use his iPad as an AAC device to give him a voice and to be able to effectively communicate with his family, friends, and community. He is a wonderfully happy young man who loves to jump on his trampoline, music, lights, bright colors, and is comforted when wearing his over-ear head phones. With his numerous medical concerns he also has significant challenges being able to sleep. We cannot wait to work with his occupational therapists to build him a super special and safe sensory bedroom with a new iPad to keep him resting easier and communicating his wants, needs, and feelings with those around him.