Alberta Dreams

Anthony’s Dream

With a special “Thank-You” to Anthony’s Occupational Therapist Faith Whittingham from the Society for Autism Support and Services and Anthony’s mom Candice, for their recommendations and work assembling and installing his new items; Anthony is all smiles while jumping on his new trampoline in his extra special sensory bedroom designed specifically with his needs in mind. 

At 16, Anthony has had numerous V-P shunts to help to manage the pressure on his brain. As a result of his hydrocephalus, he is nonverbal, autistic, and has an intellectual disability. In Addition to his trampoline, Anthony loves, music, lights, bright colors, and he is comforted when wearing his over the ear his over the ear headphones. His new room has all of those things and more. With his new loft bed with fort, egg swing, black out curtains, a bubble tube, acrylic mirrors, sensory toys and so much more, we hope this engaging yet calming space will bring Anthony and his mom rest and joy for along time to come.