Alberta Dreams

Dream #1192

Born at just 1 lb, 2 oz this young man was not fully developed at the time of birth. Among many of his major organs that were not ready to face the world was his gastrointestinal system, and he soon suffered from necrotizing enterocolitis (the tissue in his bowels started to die). After spending most of his first 2 years in the Stollery Hospital and numerous surgeries, this strong and courageous boy has only 50 cm of his bowels remaining and is diagnosed with short gut syndrome and FASD. He has never eaten food and up until last year relied on a central line into his heart for nutrition. Now completing grade 8 this past year, he is healthier than he has ever been, has a permeant G-Tube and is thriving with his permanent foster family.

He is always busy, eager and willing to help. He enjoys going to the zoo, the museum and loves going to the movies. Since the age of 4, he has been obsessed with Star Wars, Marvel movies and comic books, and Mario. Alberta Dreams is excited to send this teen to the edge of the Galaxy to fly the Millennium Falcon in Disneyland California with his family.