Alberta Dreams

Kanen’s Dream

This bright and energetic 12 year old is a twin, he and his brother were born at 27 weeks. Kanen spent the first 126 days in the NICU and lives with spastic/dystonic, diplegic Cerebral Palsy. Kanen is very funny and outgoing, he plays in a bowling league, plays sledge hockey, enjoys cross country skiing and hand biking. He also likes Lego, listening to music, and movie night with his family. Most of all Kanen loves gaming.

Alberta Dreams was thrilled to make Kanen’s dream come true for an Extreme Gaming/You Tuber Computer set up including a new height adjustable desk, gaming chair, dual monitors, gaming system, gaming keyboard and mouse and so much more. A special Thank You Tyler, Tim, and the team at Memory Express Calgary North West for helping to make Kanen Dream Come True extra special. Visiting your store and meeting your staff was super fun and Kanen loved it.