Alberta Dreams

Granted Dreams


Charlotte’s Dream

Charlotte is an animated, friendly, and outgoing girl who loves animals, her family, and french fries!  Born with mitochondrial disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, scoliosis, and

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Dog on armchair

Saul’s Dream

Saul is a bubbly, boisterous, and thoroughly delightful little boy with a rare condition called transverse myelitis.  He loves all things Paw Patrol, monster trucks,

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Reeghan on a zipline

Reeghan’s Dream

Reeghan was born with Cerebral Palsy, she is legally blind and deaf, and has a paralyzed vocal cord. Despite her physical challenges, she is an

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Aubrey on a helicopter ride

Aubrey’s Dream

Aubrey is a fun loving thrill seeker who loves speed and heights. This wonderful young teen does not let the fact that she has been

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Farah with her new adapted bicycle in her home

Farah’s Dream

Farah is a very social little girl who loves to go outside for walks, car rides, and to play with her toys. Though Farah suffers

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Paige's Playset

Paige’s Dream

Paige was born with a rare genetic disorder, Congenital Afibrinogenemia, that can cause severe hemorrhaging due to a lack of coagulation product in the blood.

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