Alberta Dreams

Fin Friday

5 dollar Canadian bill with lofoa od Edmonton Exchanger, Worley, Brand: Energy Solutions.

Event Date: 

Fin Friday is all about Making Wishes Come True for the Kids from Alberta Dreams!

Edmonton Exchanger, Worley, and Brand have come together to create a truly unique fundraiser.

How does it work?
  1. Look for Piggy banks at all Ed Ex, Worley, & Brand tool cribs. When you see one, drop in a Fin, a Looney, a Tooney, a Twenty, etc. or donate online through the Canada Helps Fundraiser page
  2. On Fin Fridays leaders from the sponsor companies will be standing at BRSs, lunch areas, and trailers at 2:00 (that’s AM AND PM!) with piggy banks in hand. Leaders will also be at Admin 1A/1B entrances at 7:00 am
  3. The Wishes granted and Child’s story will be shared with site weekly
  4. So; get to an ATM, crack open your piggybank, or take in your bottles…let’s all work together to make these kids’ wishes come true!

Fun Fact: A “Fin” is another term for a 5 Dollar Bill!